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Photography allows the viewer a glimpse into a moment in time that will never again be the same.  Change is certain, and one of the most powerful impacts of an image is its representation of the passage of time.  A subject or setting can appear completely different based on the moment in history, weather, lighting, season, and numerous other factors.  Also in flux are our individual interpretations and emotions associated with each photo, as feelings may vary from person to person, and depend on one's state of mind when the photo is viewed.  My goal as a photographer is to make you, the viewer, "feel" the photo internally, and get lost for a moment in the subject that is portrayed.  For many of the photos, I have included a link to additional information regarding the location and subject matter, in case you desire to view the scene in your own moment of time. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy! 


Originally from Texas, I live in Boston, Massachusetts. Most of the time you'll find me outside, hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, and generally just learning about the natural world. I love traveling, architecture, people watching, and exploring new cultures. I am passionate about environmental issues, urban gardening, and green energy initiatives. I also read widely, and think deep thoughts in quiet places. 

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